Erin LaCerra

By Craig McKibben Jr.

By Craig McKibben Jr.

Erin LaCerra plays electrified viola, tin whistle, percussion, and tap shoes during Key of V‘s live performances. She was born in the small town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and chose to play the viola in second grade after the school orchestra had already received the maximum requests for violin. Erin played in the orchestra from elementary to high school, but was discouraged with the school’s institutional approach to music and put her viola away from 2002 until 2006.

Erin studied psychology at the Dublin Business school in Ireland, where she produced a series of monochromatic charcoal drawings and watercolor paintings while listening to music, including that of her sister Val LaCerra; upon returning to the States she was obliged to compose viola parts to the set of songs Val referred to as Key of V.

Erin is an accomplished visual artist who creates, exhibits and sells her work from Williamsport, PA to Los Angeles, CA. She wrote and recorded a solo album About Face in 2010, and has contributed viola to the children’s album “Reach, Songs for Growing [2010]” produced by Justin Michael Miller, and the acoustic electronica Chad Harter‘s “Haha White [2011]”.  She contributed vocals and percussion to Clawfoot Slumber‘s “Silly Little Dream [2011]” and continues to accompany Clawfoot front-man Alex Callenberger during live performances. She was a key coordinator of the Absorb Williamsport Music Festival for it’s three consecutive years. In 2011 Erin earned her Bachelor’s degree in Human Services with a minor in Psychology from the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA. Erin currently works as a children’s therapeutic staff support for a counseling agency out of Lewisburg, PA.


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