Goodbye Blue Monday, 2009. Photo By Kuhliene.Key of V is an Pennsylvania-based lo-fi experimental folk duo comprised of sisters Erin and Val LaCerra–who’ve been singing harmonies together since they were toddlers, but officially joined forces as Key of V in 2007. Inspired by an amalgamation of influences including The Beatles, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Bessie Smith, and equipped with acoustic instruments and mics run through several pedals, Key of V challenges traditional vocals and instrumentation–and the preconception that duos cannot make big sounds. Their 2011 album “Things We Drew From the Treacle Well” explores social and relational issues over a backdrop of signature Key of V experimental folk; the album was recorded over a three-year period in several spaces and formats. Its release sparked their debut tour with PA friends and folk-jazz quartet Clawfoot Slumber. Key of V is known for their DIY approach and community organizing, helping host and headline the 3-year running Absorb Williamsport Music Festival, and contributing their music to various humanitarian causes.

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